Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back up and about

I been laid up for just over a week, but I'm back up on my feet and ready to start movin about again. You see, I hurt my back last week and so I just been layin on the couch and eatin donuts since then. I don't blame Douggy none for what happened to me, even though it prolly wouldn't have happened without him. That's the way it was when I first hurt my back, too. See, I first got my back out on a trip to California in '81. Douggy and I were having a grand old time down there on the beach when I spot some television cameras. We was drunk and really wanted to be on TV so we wandered over to see what's what. Turned out they was filmin one of them Strong Man competitions. To this day, I don't know how Douggy talked me into joinin up, but the next thing I know, I'm standin there in one of them muscle shirts with these men who coulda ate me if they wanted to. At the time, I wasn't no toothpick or anything like that, but I sure as shootin wouldn't have been in that competition if not for my friends Douggy and Jack Daniels. Anyway, the first challenge was the keg toss. You're supposed to take these big ol kegs and throw them over your shoulder over a 20 foot bar. Well, by the time my turn came around, I was startin to sober up just enough to be stupid. I figured that I could probably get them kegs over that bar a lot easier if I lightened the load a bit, if you follow me. I just happened to have a tap on me (take note, when you go on vacation with Douggy, you never know when you'll need a tap), and so I kept trying to jam it down into the keg. What no one told me was that the kegs weren't really filled with anything and that they were really made of rubber. Well, after one minute and thirty eight point eight-four seconds of this (I know cause that's what the timer said), I slipped a disc and was out of the competition. The organizers said that was the fastest Strong Man career they'd ever seen. So, at least I won something. Plus they gave me a tape of my performance, which I've still got.

So, that's how I hurt my back the first time. I still get it out of whack every once in awhile and it'll lay me up for a week or so. That's what happened this time. Here's how it went. The day after we turned my truck back over, Douggy called me up to tell me he was real sorry about pullin off all my fenders, but he'd been talking to his cousin Tina who works down at the Donut King. It turned out her husband, Skeeter, who owns a junkyard just out of town, just got truck like mine in that blew a head gasket, but had a good body. Skeeter said we could come get all four fenders off that truck for $20, if we'd take them off ourselves. Well, I couldn't pass up a deal that good, so I headed out. When we got to Douggy's house, he told me that we had to stop by the Donut King first. When I asked him why, he told me that the lady who works in the Classifieds section was tellin him about this bio-diesel stuff and all about how you can run a diesel engine off of old grease from fast food places and stuff. He'd called Tina and she told him he could take as much grease as he wanted from the grease trap at the Donut King. Then he'd called Skeeter and convinced him to let Douggy try this stuff out on one of the old cars sitting in the yard. I wasn't too keen on it at first, but then Douggy told me Tina was gonna throw in a couple of dozen day olds that they was ready to throw out. I never been one to turn down free donuts, so I took him on down to the Donut King to get the grease.

Douggy started pumping the stuff into this 20 gallon water tank he'd had sitting in his backyard for who knows how long. Well, after about 5 minutes, this thing starts to leak somethin awful. There's grease goin everywhere and Tina starts yellin at Douggy that we better get that grease outta there before her boss thinks she don't know how to dump a bucket of grease anymore, so we grab our day olds and got outta there before Tina blows her top.

After leaving the parking lot, Douggy looks back at the grease tank and sees that it was leaking because there was a hole near the top, but it looked like it stopped. There was still some grease in the bed of the truck so we left a trail behind us that smelled like donuts. When we got to the junkyard, Douggy and I split up. Skeeter showed me the truck that he had. The fenders were great. Sure, they were a different color than the rest of the truck, but I still had a bucket of primer the rest of the truck was done with so I wasn't worried none. They jumped in my truck and Douggy told me he'd come get me before he started his experiment.

I was looking forward to seein a car run on donut leavings, but I needed to get those fenders off before it got too hot. After about 15 minutes, I turn around to see the biggest dog I seen in my life. This thing looked like a St. Bernard had gotten together with a horse and they hit the town and ended up in an awkward situation with a tractor. Now, I'm no stranger to junkyard dogs, and I coulda shaken off the size of this thing, if it weren't for the fact that he was slowly eating the dirt. I stood there for a while watching it, trying to figure out if Skeeter had somehow bought a dog that could live on dirt, when I realized that it was eating the trail of grease the truck was leaving. Right about that time, Douggy yells that he's all ready and I walk over to where he and Skeeter are standing next to an old VW Rabbit that had no doors or wheels or hood. Douggy was in the diver's seat with a giant smile on his face. He looked like he was already drivin down the road in his grease-mobile, wind in his hair and all was right with the world. The problem was, the thing wasn't even running yet. When I got there, Douggy leaned out the door hole and asked "We ready?" Both Skeeter and I slid back a little bit and nodded. Then Douggy turned the key and nothing happened. Not even a hiccup. Skeeter and I looked at each other then at Douggy, who looked like his dream had just dissolved. Then Skeeter lit up, "The battery!" he said, "give 'er a jump!"

So, I pull my truck up and we hook up the jumper cables. When we get those on, Douggy hits the ignition again, and it starts to turn over, but still doesn't catch. Well, I gotta get in there and do something before Douggy goes all nutso on me. You don't want a nutso Douggy on your hands. Last time he really lost it, he ended up in a tree throwing spark plugs at people. His doctor said that his medication was all balanced now and everything, but I'm not sure I believe that. I seen too many blowouts. So, I lean over the engine while Douggy's still cranking, just to see if there's anything I can do. Just as I lean over, the engine catches and roars to life. What I didn't know is that this engine had a pretty big hole in the fuel pump and so I ended up getting sprayed with donut leavings. I stood up, wiping off my face, just in time to see tractor dog comin right up on me. It had left a wet ditch behind him all the way around the yard. Just as I got the grease wiped off, tractor dog and I made eye contact. I could see that he thought he'd just hit the mother lode and he could see that I was about to run. I think I made it about 4 feet before this dog hit me in the back, knockin it out again. I was just hopin that he would eat me quick, but he just licked away. As was layin there, Skeeter explained to me that the dog had lost all its teeth chewing on tires. The threat of being eaten passed, I just lay there and let that dog clean me off. As soon as he was done, he fell over dead. It turned out later that the dog had died from a heart attack because of all the grease that it ate. Needless to say, Skeeter was pissed. Douggy and I hightailed it out of there as fast as we could move, which wasn't too fast. In the end, I ended up with no fenders, Douggy needs another place to test his fuel, Tina got reprimanded by her boss, and Skeeter had himself a dead dog. Oh yeah, and I had to lay on the couch for a week.

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gandy said...

I feel bad for this post, since there are no comments. Well now it need not feel sad for it has my pity!! After all, why the heck aren't there more comments on a post that involves doughnut grease?! I tell ya, kids these days. I'd shake my fist if it didn't so mirror Skeezes and have a hook at the end. Some call it a threatening gesture if I do that.