Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recipe Time

Bein as the Super Bowl is today and all, I thought I'd take myself a little break here and share with y'all my favorite party recipe. It's called Manarole and it is, without doubt, both the most delicious thing you could eat at a party and an affront to all things good and holy. I'm sure some of them there cheffy types would die in horror at what you're about to read, but don't worry, it'll put hair on your chest.

To make this tongue dancin abomination, y'all need to gather up these ingredients:
6 frozen hamburger patties
a small pack of peperoni
a pack of hot dogs
two cans chili
6-8 slices american cheese, or some other type of yellow cheese you may like
a bag of frozen tater tots

Now that the hard part's over, you can get to cookin. The basic idear is to just layer up all them ingredients like you was makin a lasagna only you was plannin on havin a heart attack afterwards. I like to layer hamburger first, then peperoni to form a kind of shield around the bottom so the chili won't get away on ya, then put the cheese, then the chili, then hot dogs and the tots on top. The tots always gotta go on top because they need to get crispy. I also discovered that if you put the cheese layer above the chili layer, you get yerself some browned cheese. I ain't sayin browned cheese is bad, mind you, but that's what you get. When you got it all layered up, put it in the oven accordin to the tot directions. Mine says 450 for 20 minutes, and that's what I did. When that timer goes off, you got Manarole. I suggest servin it with some mustard, some tobasco and maybe some bread or chips or something. Also, sometimes you gotts to suck the left over fat off the bottom with a turkey baster, just so your Manarole ain't floatin.

Enjoy the game, more Antarctic Volcano Base action tomorrow.


kaploy9 said...

Mm, sounds tastey! I might want to actually try that sometime.

Leprechaun Sniffer, Esquire. said...

Please say there was crumpled bacon on top of it all in the original recipe!

Pat O'Neil said...

I thought of that, but I though the smokiness in the bacon would conflict with the chili. Then there'd be a big bacon and chili fight in my oven. Man, I'd hate to have to clean that up.

gandy said...

Good point about the bacon...but what about doughnuts?