Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hey all, sorry about the recent stops and starts in posting. As I said earlier, I quit my job. I finally settled on something else for the year, but it involves me moving out of the country. For the last month or so, my wife and I have been selling most of our stuff and packing up. Right now, we're hanging out with my folks for a month and then we'll be out of the country. I think that I should be able to get back to regular, multi-times-a-week posting about September. Thank you all for hanging in there with me. I promise I've got some good stuff up on deck and I'll get it to you as soon and as well as I can.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait.
All the best.

Alexander Veer said...

Thanks for providing hours of entertainment and ripping good yarns.

All the best in life reorganization and further adventures.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I second what Mr. Veer said above me. This tale has been my major source of laughter for a good while.

Consider publishing this on paper some day, eh? I'd love to have this yarn packaged up in a proper book. I just can't get into the right mood for reading it while sitting in front of a computer; it has to be in bed or something. Which is why it takes me a while between the time you post something and the time I read it - I have to get around to transferring it onto my ebook-like thing first.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I've been noticing that you've been getting relatively few comments, despite consistently putting out good and often brilliant material. I just have some ideas for getting more interaction:

1) Create a poll (or series of polls) to see what kind of people read you (how old they are, what they do, where they come from). People love to vote in polls. I'd be quite interested in the results myself.

2) Allow the most recent comments to be listed, and the blog to be searched for keywords, as for example here:

3) Maybe set up a community forum? That would require more work than the first two things, but it might be good. Or not.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the moving and whatnot. Cannot wait to know how this unfolds! I second the ideas about polls and whatnot. I would be interested as well