Friday, August 14, 2009

Exciting Layout Changes!

Hey all. I've taken suggestions from some of the readers and added some things to the blog. First of all, there's a "recent comment" field on the left, as you may notice. Also, since someone noted that they're putting this on a Kindle or Sony Reader or something, and I recently acquired one of them myself, I've put a gadget at the bottom that will convert a url to PDF. If you want to copy and share this stuff, I'll allow it as long as you're not trying to make any money off it, but please point people to the blog itself. Next, I have, following a suggestion that I really wish I'd thought of, created a Pat O'Neil forum at Feel free to visit, comment, whatever. Just don't start any flame wars or I'll have to ban you and then there will be feelings hurt and you'll spend your adult life sitting in a run-down hotel room somewhere sharpening knives and dreaming of the day that fictional characters become real so you can attack Pat, but satisfying yourself with the next best thing which is printing out posts and repeatedly stabbing those until, one day while perusing the internet, you stumble upon the recycle movement and can't even do that so you sink into wallowing depression that can only be cured through massive amounts of jello and potato chips. None of us want that.
Finally, I have discovered that this blog is the number one result when searching for "Pat O'Neil" on google. I don't know why anyone would be searching for that, but it feels like a triumph to me.
I'll try to post the next story tomorrow. For now, go join the forum.

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