Monday, January 18, 2010

In another life, I'm a DJ

It's true. In addition to writing Pat O'Neil, I'm also a DJ. I like to think of myself as a modern day Renaissance Man. Why do you care, you ask? Because you have a chance to help me out. I've entered myself into the Let's Mix Next Generation DJ contest. The top prize is a chance to play the Winter Music Conference in Miami, a DJ Contract and some other spiffy stuff. However, in order to progress to the next round, I need to get 200 votes on my mix by January 31. I know it's not much time, but I think we can mobilize the Pat Masses (or, if you want to call the readers something else, I'm cool with that) to vote, and get everyone they know to vote, and I can make the cutoff. It would really mean a lot to me if I could get your support in this. Just go here and throw me a vote. Thank you very, VERY much.


Joe Fool said...

I was gonna vote, but then it wanted my email... which I may or may not give in to. Does it help that I thought about it?

Pat O'Neil said...

They check your email to make sure you're not double voting. If you're not comfortable, I totally understand that. But thanks for the willingness.

Anonymous said...

I used Mailinator so I wouldn't have to use my real email because I totally wanted to vote for you really bad
Though I guess you could make multiple Mailinator accounts and double vote and defeat the purpose