Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tetsuo Sat

I just wanna apologize for takin an unscheduled week off there in the bloggin. I got myself all tied up doin this thing I had to do. I didn't think it'd take as much as it did in order to get it done, but, in the end, it took exactly as much as it took to get it done. And let me tell ya, I was none too happy about it. But it's all over now and it's lookin like I got some good chunks of freer time this week that will allow for the writin and the story tellin and, if I'm lucky, the nappin. I'll try to get you the rest of this here question 2 nonsense this week and then move on to tell y'all about goin after them ninjas and all the hullabaloo that was. Now, where was I in this thing? Right...

The army of meth addled ghosts continued their explanation. "Tetsuo Hatayama came back from his campaign against the planet eaters as a paradox. On the one hand, he was handed fame and fortune. He was hailed by all intelligent species as the greatest hero to ever live. He had, single handedly, freed everyone in the universe from the fear that, on any day, a giant fish could come and swallow them up. He was rewarded lavishly by every planet that knew his name. His rewards added up into a significant holding; enough to buy and sell several planetary systems.

"But Tetsuo did nothing with his fame or fortune. In fact, he shunned the spotlight and the money for years. After his years in space, killing the unkillable, he flew to an uncharted, ice covered planet and built himself a simple wooden hut to pass his days in. Many thought he was simply waiting for his death to come. Others believed he was trying to transcend his own body. Still others were positive he was communing with the spirits of his lost family.

"Religions were born around these ideas. They grew from legends and half-truths about Tetsuo's life and thoughts. Then, they started to argue with each other about which of the half truths was more true and, finally, they ended up destroying each other in a series of bloody theological battles. And still Tetsuo sat.

"His legend grew and died. And he sat.

"Statues to his memory were built and crumbled. And he sat.

"Cities rose and fell. Still he sat.

"Planets sprouted life, grew and withered. And Tetsuo sat.

"Stars were born, grew, became suns and collapsed on themselves. And through it all, Tetsuo Hatayama sat in his simple hut on a ball of ice somewhere out in the universe.

"Then, without preamble or warning, he returned to society. He had been gone so long most didn't know his name. Among those who did, most had only seen his name in scraps of manuscripts that had survived from the time of legends. That last group, though, knew exactly who he was and what he had done. But they knew because it was their job to know.

"When Hatayama had disappeared, his money was put into a savings account with the interstellar banking clan. Due to the amount of money, three bankers were assigned to watch his money full time. They accepted the responsibility with heavy dignity and took their duties incredibly seriously. Really, if you're going to manage the money of a man you know can kill planet eaters, you're not going to slack off. Those three bankers invested often and wisely, seeing returns of 5-6% per year, which is very good for that kind of investing.

"Years turned into centuries and the money in the Tetsuo fund grew from amazing to truly stunning. Along with this, the number of bankers who were tasked to oversee his account had grown from the initial three to almost three billion. They all occupied the planet of Klaxxon and worked around the clock seeing the fund grow and prosper. In their non working hours, they would share what stories they knew of Tetsuo and imagining how he would reward them when he returned.

"And reward them he did, but not in the way they expected. When Tetsuo Hatayama stood up, he stood with a plan. And the army of bankers with more money than had ever been seen in one place in the universe was just the beginning."

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